This is a game about social phobia. The game is targeted to educating the public about social fears, and simulating the feelings of social fear.  On one hand, it is designed towards the crowd without social phobia for the purpose of providing the sense of empathy for people to understand the feelings of the minority. In this case, the game can help them become more inclusive people. On the other hand, this game is also designed for people with social phobia symptoms to feel inclusive and being understood. I believe it will be meaningful for both sides of the players.
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Design Focus


Light is a platformer game simulating the inner world of social phobics

that aims to create empathy with them.


Target audience:   

People with social phobia


Cross over audience:

People experienced social avoidance, or people who know people with social phobia

Project Description

Tool: Unity

Topics: Social anxiety, Social contacts, Communication, Human interaction, Inefficient social networking

Audiences: Antisocial people, Social phobia, People who doesn’t enjoy communication, People who cannot communicate efficiently (such as foreigners), everyone

Feels: Simulating the social phobic people in public


When does it happen?

  • Talking to strangers

  • Speaking in public

  • Dating

  • Making eye contact

  • Entering rooms

  • Using public restrooms

  • Going to parties

  • Eating in front of other people

  • Going to school or work

  • Starting conversations

What does it feel like?

  • Rapid heartbeat

  • Muscle tension

  • Dizziness and lightheadedness

  • Stomach trouble and diarrhea

  • Inability to catch breath

  • “Out-of-body” sensation