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In this era of social media, many young people have used dating apps to meet people. However, what about the elderly who are not good at using electronic devices and are presbyopic? We took this issue into consideration and created a senior version of Hinge, a popular social networking app for seniors.

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Starting Point

  • Empathy with adults who have single parents--afraid that their parents who live alone would feel lonely and encounter emergencies/accidents.  

  • Technological illiteracy of first-generation Chinese immigrants.

  • Conservativeness/shyness/reservation of this group.

​Redesign Portion

  1. Deal breaker choices

  2. Photo prompt:

    -less maximum photo

    -less prompt questions: target to elderly (中文版)

  3. Overall layout and style


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Hinge Final Presentation_Page_03_Image_0002.jpg

Paper Prototype

1st version:

Hinge Final Presentation_Page_04_Image_0002.jpg
Hinge Final Presentation_Page_04_Image_0003.jpg

2nd version:

Hinge Final Presentation_Page_05_Image_0002.jpg

Working Process:

Evaluation #1

  • “Survey is too long. Too many questions. Annoying.”

    • ​Already deleted the irrelevant prompts. The remaining questions are necessary.

  • “How can I send the other messages?”

    • Need to add the message wireframe.

  • “How does “deal breakers” work?”

    • Need to differentiate between “preferences” and “deal breakers”, as well as things that a user wishes to know the most.

  • “How do I edit my profile?”

    • Need to add an edit function.

  • “What if I don’t want to upload a photo of my own?”

    • Consider providing a selection of avatars / default photos.

Low Fidelity Prototype

Hinge Final Presentation_Page_08_Image_0002.jpg

Evaluation #2

  • “How can I change to the Chinese version?”

    • ​Add a translate feature by clicking one button.

  • “Elderly might need bigger buttons ”

    • Enlarge the size and consider color contrast for clearer visual.

  • “Add Chinese version button on the style guide for web developer”

    • OK

Style Guide

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 12.49.03 AM.png

High Fidelity Prototype

Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 12.52.22 AM.png


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Hinge Final Presentation_Page_13_Image_0002.jpg
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